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Why Should You Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

Finding the right insurance policy can be a major challenge. Many policy options and insurance companies exist, so it’s essential that you find the coverage to best suit your needs. Undertaking that search without expert guidance could result in you paying too much for inadequate coverage.

Fortunately, you have choices, and they can make it easier to get the right information. Often, working with an independent insurance agent is the first step towards protecting your financial security at the lowest cost.

What Are Independent Insurance Agents?

Independent insurance agents have been around for as long as the insurance industry, and they are quite different from captive agents. A captive agent is employed by a particular insurance company, so they only sell their company’s coverage.

In contrast, an independent agent represents many different insurers. This means they can offer multiple options.

Are They the Same as Brokers?

An independent insurance broker is similar to an independent agent in that they can both provide you with quotes from a variety of insurance companies. There is a difference, however. Brokers represent you—not the insurance companies, as is the case with an agent. This means brokers have no authority to issue binders and must go through an insurance company for them. Agents can do this themselves.

The Benefits of Using Local Independent Insurance Agents

Purchasing insurance coverage can be overwhelming at best. It’s hard to sort through all the options to find the right coverage. You shouldn’t have to do that on your own. Here are just a few reasons why using a local independent agent makes sense.

  • Save time: Your agent does all the legwork of obtaining quotes from multiple insurance companies. This would take you ages to complete independently.
  • Get more choices in one place: An agent is a one-stop-shop for all of your coverage, and they can personalize it to your needs.
  • Receive expert advice: Your agent understands policy jargon. They can advise you regarding potential pitfalls, give you advice on ways to save more money, and even provide information about mitigating certain risks.
  • Have help with issues: You will have a fierce advocate in your corner if there are ever billing or claims issues from the insurance company.
  • Build a long-term relationship: You’ll forge a strong relationship with someone that can help you adjust your coverage as your needs change.

How Are Agents Different From Insurance Companies?

Traditionally, consumers couldn’t purchase insurance directly from insurance companies. This has changed in recent years thanks to the internet. However, direct sales aren’t necessarily a benefit to you as a homeowner, business owner, or contract worker.

When you work with one of our Nevada independent insurance agents, your agent will act as your advocate. They may be able to get you a better deal than you could find on your own. You will also receive an additional layer of protection because your agent is licensed and insured.
If you need insurance in Nevada, call or message us today to find out how our team of dedicated independent insurance agents can get you the best coverage at the most affordable rates.